About Grease Trap And Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning

If you just opened a new restaurant or planning of installing a grease trap in your home for the first time, there are some things you should know about it. Some of these things include:

The unit collects grease and oils

The main reason you are supposed to have a grease trap in your restaurant is to protect your sewer lines. The grease trap functions as a filter, and it filters the waste water coming from the kitchen. According to restaurant grease trap cleaning professionals, the waste water coming from these areas is filled with grease and oils.

If you allow the water to get into the sewer lines without getting filtered, the oils will solidify in the lines causing a clog. As you might have guessed, this would result in sewer line failure, and you have to hire an expensive sewer line repair professional to help you fix it.

Collected grease solidifies in the grease trap

When the oil gets in the grease trap, it cools and solidifies. The level of the oil increases as it continues to accumulate. If you have a large trap, the grease can accumulate for long periods, and this forms a brown grease. This type of grease is made up of grease combined with food particles.

Regardless of the size of the grease trap and frequency of use, you have to clean the grease trap.  Due to the content in the grease, drain contractors advise against reusing it. The best way of going about it is dumping it in the landfills.

You have to clean the grease trap regularly

As mentioned above, regardless of the size of your trap, you have to clean it regularly. This is to maintain the unit in perfect working condition. If the trap is small, you can clean it on your own but if big, hire a grease trap cleaning professional to help you out. You should note that you should manually clean the grease trap. Some people make the mistake of pouring hot liquids down the trap thinking that they are cleaning it.

You shouldn’t do this as it melts the solidified fats and they run into the sewer system. This causes the system to clog, and you have to hire a clogged drain cleaning professional to unclog it for you.


These are some of the things you should know about the grease trap. To have an easy time keeping your unit in top shape, work with a reputable drain contractor.

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