Septic Cleaning: Things You Should Know About Your Septic System

If you live out of the municipal sewer lines or in the rural areas, you have a septic tank. If this is the first time you are using the unit there are a number of things you should know:

The tank needs cleaning

To keep the tank in top shape, you need to undertake regular cleaning. Here you need to hire a septic cleaning professional to do it. In addition to cleaning, the professional also inspects the unit for any problems it might be having. While you need to clean the unit, you need to be cautious of how you do it.

One of the mistakes you should avoid making is cleaning the unit more frequently than necessary. In addition to wasting a lot of money cleaning the unit, you also tend to reduce the anaerobic bacteria in the tank which results to slow degradation of the waste products.

You also should avoid cleaning the unit when it’s too late. Late sewer cleaning comes about when you ignore cleaning the unit when you are supposed to. Late sewer cleaning often results in expensive cleaning costs from the sewer and drain cleaning companies. It’s also common for the septic system to develop problems when you stay for a long time without cleaning it.

To tell the right time to clean the unit you should hire a drain contractor to inspect the gray water to solid ratio in the tank. If the ratio is 25% or more, you should pump out the tank.

How you use the tank has a significant impact on its integrity

How you use the septic tank has a significant impact on how efficiently it runs. As rule of thumb, you should be cautious of the materials, you allow into the tank. To be on the safe side, avoid flushing down any non-bio degradable materials such as plastics, sanitary towels, and many others as they will clog the system.

You should also be cautious of the amount of water you allow into the tank as it determines how fast you have to pump the tank. To be safe, aim at reducing the amount of water you allow into the tank.


These are some of the things you should know about your septic system. In addition to the above tips, also regularly hire a sewer line repair professional to fix any issues that might come about.

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