Sewer And Drain Cleaning: Main Reasons For Clogged Drains

Do you have clogged drains? They are one of the most common problems that you will come across as a homeowner. The issues are brought about by many factors that include:

Flushing the wrong items

This often refers to the toilet drains. According to sewer and drain cleaning professionals, when you flush down the wrong materials, you have high chances of having clogged drains. The wrong materials are any non-biodegradable products that you might put down the drains. These include: paper towels, sanitary towels, and many others.

To avoid clogged toilet drains, ensure that you only flush solid waste and tissue paper. No other materials should find their way into the drains.

Failure to install drain screens

Another reason why drain clogs come about is the failure to install drain screens. Drain screens are units that you place at the opening of the drains to prevent any materials that you don’t want to get in the drain system to pass through. The screens are made from wires and often very affordable, and you can easily find them in your local store.

Due to ignorance or lack of knowledge on how to use them, many homeowners don’t install them resulting to constant drain clogs.

To prevent the clogs from coming about you need to install the screens in your home. Two of the areas to focus on is the kitchen and bathroom. If you had installed the filters before and they are now old or damaged, consider replacing them.

Poor drain maintenance

Another common reason why many people experience clogged drains is due to poor maintenance. For your drains to continue working to their optimum, you need to maintain them properly.

Clogged drain opening professionals report that many homeowners assume that the drains are a set and forget cases. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case, and it often results in problems.

To be on the safe side, you should make it a habit of hiring a drain inspection professional at least once a year to inspect the drains and fix any issues they might be having. In addition to checking the current condition of the drains, the professional should also inspect the units for other issues such as overgrown roots that might put the pipes at the risk of developing problems.


These are some of the main reasons why you might experience clogged drains. To prevent the issues from coming about, work in close collaboration with toilet drain cleaning professionals.

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